Christina C. DiPasquale

Founder & CEO

Christina DiPasquale founded Balestra Media to serve the progressive community, working with individuals and groups to tell powerful stories through media to achieve regulatory, legislative and corporate change. She led communications strategy for advocacy groups in the fight against the Muslim Ban, the movement to protect Net Neutrality, and coalitions working toward greater diversity in media, broadband access, community control over surveillance, and support for local newsrooms.

Christina represented trans activist Chelsea Manning pro-bono for three years, from the launch of her Twitter account through her presidential commutation. She has also designed social impact campaigns and managed political media for films including the Oscar-nominated documentary “Dirty Wars,” “Unmanned,” “Good Kill,” “Terms and Conditions May Apply,” the “The Internet Must Go,” and “When Elephants Fight”—produced by actress and activist Robin Wright. Christina produced several short documentaries for non-profits and foundations focused on closing youth prisons.

Her past work includes managing communications strategy for four policy teams at the Center for American Progress, serving as a press secretary for the Sestak for Senate campaign, and organizing the Pennsylvania Green Dogs Caucus to pass a moratorium on fracking on state forest land. She was elected to local office in 2010 as Ward Committeewoman, representing residents in West Philadelphia.

She has taught graduate-level communications courses at the University of New Hampshire’s Carsey School of Public Policy and media outlets including ABC News, the New York Times, and Politico have cited Christina’s work. Christina holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Political Science from Villanova University and was awarded their inaugural Young Alumni Medallion.  

Andy Stepanian


Andy Stepanian leads creative campaign direction at Balestra Media. In this role, he has designed graphics for whistleblower Chelsea Manning, advised on video and social media content for the American Civil Liberties Union and created new logos and branding identities for the Alliance for Safety and Justice and the National Hispanic Media Coalition.

He has filmed and edited video for clients including the Alliance for Safety and Justice and the Muslim Community Network. In collaboration with web developers, Andy conceptualizes the visual representation of large data sets, provides guidance on the use of client images and video in a variety of settings and unifies messaging across all online platforms.  Through Balestra Media, Andy serves as creative director to The Youth First Initiative, where he designs the organization's digital campaigns and creates printed matter about their efforts. He helped to develop a first-of-its-kind visual inventory of youth incarceration, which has since been used as source material in coverage from NPR, The Nation, and The Associated Press.

Andy also works on communications strategy and media relations, guiding communications work for the ACLU’s Free Slahi campaign and Global Witness’ international investigations. He is the co-founder of the not-for-profit Sparrow Media Project and was formerly senior director at FitzGibbon Media, where he worked on several digital rights, animal rights and criminal justice reform projects. He has helped develop exclusive content for Democracy Now!, The Huffington Post, Rolling Stone and NBC News. Andy's activism will be the subject of short documentaries on NBC News Digital, Viceland, and Pivot TV.


Courtney Holsworth

Senior Media and Digital Strategist

Courtney Holsworth is a senior media and digital strategist with Balestra Media. In this role, she plans media strategy, drafts communications materials, and conducts media outreach for clients including the National Hispanic Media Coalition, International Rescue Committee, and the Immigrant Legal Resource Center.

In her work for Talbot Digital, she has managed and optimized paid digital media campaigns for House and Senate campaigns, managed website development projects for the Alliance for Safety and Justice and the National Hispanic Media Coalition, and built a bilingual website for the Protegete campaign. She helped with the management of NHMC's website before training staff on how to update and maintain the site themselves. To generate more awareness of and increase applications to the NHMC's TV Writers Program, Courtney set up and managed a paid advertising campaign that resulted in over 60 more applicants than the previous year. She also authored social media content for the ACLU's Community Control Over Police Surveillance campaign.

Courtney was elected to serve as a Michigan delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 2016 and is a graduate of Western Michigan University.