Balestra Media Directs Crime Survivor Video, Designs Campaign Identity for the new Alliance For Safety and Justice Launched Today

Communities of color comprise the overwhelming majority of communities impacted by crime, and yet historically have remained underserved by systems designed to prevent crime.  Balestra Media partnered with the Alliance for Safety and Justice (ASJ) to develop a visual identity campaign that not only communicated the goals of the new organization, but also told the deeply personal stories of crime survivors who advocate for healing communities and rejecting overincarceration.

Campaign Identity

Given that ASJ grew, in part, from the the success of local groups like Californians for Safety & Justice (CSJ), our team gave thoughtful consideration to the typographic sensibilities of CSJ and previous color palettes. Balestra developed a brand identity and logo typeset in Proxima Nova, using a saturated carceral orange and tranquil blue to symbolize moving forward from mass incarceration to a future embracing restorative justice.

Cinematic & Digital Storytelling

Balestra worked closely with ASJ and Burning Hearts Media to tell the stories of those directly impacted by crime, and those who are advocate for shifting investments from mass incarceration to treatment and trauma recovery.  After interviewing key voices, we produced a 5 minute short film, and five 30-second clips for sharing on Instagram and Facebook.

Website & Data Visualization

Balestra collaborated with ASJ, The Raben Group and Talbot Digital to create an online platform for ASJ to launch to include the crime survivors video, new photos from the recent Survivors Speak conference and information about state campaigns and resources.  Complete with parallax elements, an interactive Crime Survivors Report, and a dynamic data visualization map that highlights rates of incarceration in states across the country, the new website provides an information clearinghouse for anyone interested in criminal justice reform, and the important and often under-told stories of crime survivors.

Audience Building

 Balestra developed a series of digital audience products to tell ASJ’s story on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, accompanied by sample language to share the new collateral across all platforms and increase engagement focused on partner states.

Christina DiPasquale