Communications strategy:

  • Identifying opportunities to engage
  •  Anticipating angles that reach new audiences
  • Proposing tactics to draw media attention
  • Setting a timeline for each phase of the plan
  • Crafting top-line messages and talking points

Media relations:

  • Pitching print and online journalists for comprehensive coverage
  • Booking TV and radio appearances around key campaign moments
  • Reaching out to members of editorial boards to draw attention to key issues and spokespeople
  • Collaborating on op-ed writing and strategic placements
  • Engaging in rapid response reactions to breaking news


  • Creating memorable campaign branding and a stand-out visual identity
  • Filming events and interviews with stakeholders
  • Editing footage for short videos
  • Designing visually arresting printed material and signage


  • Planning campaign strategy for packaging and sequencing campaign content
  • Researching and advising on partners for outreach and collaboration
  • Creating captivating multimedia content and message guidance for social media platforms
  • Designing static and media rich ads

Media training:

  • Recognizing the dynamics of a news cycle
  • Identifying opportunities in an over-saturated media landscape
  • Developing a context- and medium-sensitive communications strategy
  • Media tips for campaigners
  • First-time interviewee basics
  • Storytelling essentials
  • Producing writing for a variety of mediums
  • Preparing for TV and radio interviews
  • Sticking to your message in challenging situations