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“…A critical partner..”

“Balestra Media has been a critical partner in the work undertaken by the Change the Terms coalition. They’ve provided invaluable advice for our campaigns, built our reputation with media and made our work have greater impact. We couldn’t do what we’ve done without their sage advice. For anyone looking to have impact, I’d give my highest recommendation that they work with Balestra.”

Heidi Beirich, Southern Poverty Law Center and Change the Terms

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"...Source of resilience..."

“Your [Balestra Media’s] calm guidance and tireless work was an incredible comfort and source of resilience in what continues to be an awful time.” 

Laura Goldblatt, Solidarity C'Ville


"...Outperforms the competition with swag."

"Balestra Media outperforms the competition with swag. The Balestra team commanded an understanding of the issues and a set of relationships with reporters that resulted in substantive pieces--catapulting our work in ways that enabled the StandWithCongo team to strengthen our partnerships and greatly increase public engagement for our cause. Christina and her team are able to bridge the gap from strategy to execution, connecting our core mission and values to the targeted audience. No one could have replicated what we were able to do during that critical launch period. We are making plans to work with Balestra again."

JD Stier, president of Stier Forward

"...played a key role in helping IRC reframe refugee issues..."

“Christina DiPasquale – and the entire Balestra team – has played a key role in helping International Rescue Committee (IRC) reframe refugee issues in the United States. Beginning in 2016, the refugee resettlement program experienced a sea change of increased curiosity and scrutiny. At a watershed moment for humanitarian organizations, Balestra partnered with the IRC to rethink and recharge elements of our US media strategy: from education and myth-busting, to innovative storytelling underpinned by forward-thinking counsel. In partnering with Christina’s team we have seen touching and authentic refugee perspectives come to life.”

Sean Piazza, communications officer of International Rescue Committee

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“Christina DiPasquale is such a dynamic and incisive thinker that Free Press always feels lucky to have her in the same room. She and her team at Balestra bring a depth of knowledge and clarity to discussions about progressive causes that’s woven throughout all communications to the press and public. Christina has tactical knowledge that goes well beyond media outreach and strategy. In fact, often when we are asked to join in an event or action with allies I will use whether Christina is involved as a benchmark for ensuring an excellent effort and outcome. She makes good things happen for good causes.” 

Tim Karr, campaign director of Free Press


"Balestra Media is providing creative services for our national campaign, and we couldn't be happier with their work! Their creative services are not only high quality and cutting-edge, they listen, focus on the key details, and provide customized products. We know we aren't their only client, but they make us feel like we are! They are constantly taking the initiative, proposing innovative and original concepts designed to boost our campaign's effectiveness. We are so pleased with Balestra Media's creative services and highly recommend them to any organization looking to make a serious impact."

Liz Ryan, president and CEO of Youth First! Initiative


"...elevated the voices of countless Latinos..."

“Balestra Media has elevated the voices of countless Latinos through its work with the National Hispanic Media Coalition. Through her craft for storytelling and strategic communications, Balestra Media’s founder, Christina Di Pasquale, has helped the Coalition win policy battles to diversify the media industry, to attack racism and sexism in media, and to further affordability and accessibility of communications services.”

Jessica J. González, executive vice president and general counsel at the National Hispanic Media Coalition


"I have worked with many media consultants and PR people over the years, and have never seen a team that gets results like Balestra. Christina is not just a hired gun, she cares deeply about social justice issues and her passion shines through in her work. She has strong relationships with journalists and major news outlets, is an extremely fast and competent writer, and has her finger on the pulse of how media works in a way that makes her an invaluable strategist. I frequently recommend Balestra to anyone who asks me for suggestions for assistance with media relations and publicity."

Evan Greer, campaign director of Fight for the Future

"...significantly expanded the reach of our work..."

"Balestra Media significantly expanded the reach of our work by helping us develop a strong, targeted media list on our issues, which can sometimes be abstruse. They also helped us manage media for our human rights conference featuring over 1,000 participants from 80 countries--a complex and trying task for a small non-profit. Importantly, Balestra Media was exceedingly generous with their time and expertise, sharing contacts and generally going the extra mile to make a broader impact for our work. We felt we could call upon them at any time -- and we did." 

Deji Bryce Olukotun, senior global advocacy manager at Access Now