April 28th Convening: A New Vision for Youth Justice

On April 28th, The Youth First Initiative convened in Washington, DC for A New Vision for Youth Justice, Imagining a World Without Youth Incarceration.  The event drew together over 75 leading voices in the fight to close youth prisons for three days of organizing and trainings.  

Andy Stepanian of Balestra Media produced a spread of online and printed promotional materials for the event as well as a multi-cam Facebook Live broadcast of the event generating over 8,000 unique impressions.  Balestra also partnered with Burning Hearts Media to provide Youth First with a pro-res video package after the event.

Andy worked closely with Youth First to not only develop and produce the promotional materials and event program but also to design and produce Breaking Down the Walls, a powerful 67-page blueprint of successful state campaigns to close America’s youth prisons. Activists in attendance were provided copies of the report back to organizers in their home states, you can download a .pdf of the report HERE.

Activists left the event inspired and eager to bring the shared lessons of successful campaigns back to their own states.  

Balestra Media is humbled to continue to support Youth First's important work. With 4 youth prison facilities being closed this year and one in early 2018, Youth First has created one of the most successful coalitions fighting for youth justice to date. 

Christina DiPasquale