Balestra Designs Website, Report on Communicating with American Voter

The non-profit Peoria Project selected Balestra Media to create a new branding identity and design a website for their year-long research project - “A New Approach to Understanding and Communicating With American Voters” - which sought to understand how voters across the political spectrum respond to different political messages.

Balestra collaborated with Knew Studio on the brand identity that conveyed key themes of the research project: resonance and interconnectivity, designed a new website for this effort, and laid out a report of key findings to be shared with stakeholders ahead of the first midterm elections since Donald Trump was elected.


The Peoria Project needed to launch a clean website that featured an overview of the project, the report findings, and dozens of videos, within just a few weeks. The Balestra team quickly designed and launched a website with all of those features, meeting the group’s important deadline.

To display the dozens of social media-optimized videos produced by Peoria Project and their partners, we created a clean, organized layout.

Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 11.55.54 AM.png

Balestra Media is proud to have partnered with the Peoria Project to showcase their important research findings providing new insights into using 21st-century tools to understand, identify, and listen to audiences across our society.

Courtney Holsworth