Balestra CEO Keynotes Fifteen Seconds Festival in Graz, Austria

Balestra CEO Christina DiPasquale gave a keynote at the Fifteen Seconds Festival in Graz, Austria, a global platform to exchange ideas for innovative projects at the intersection of media, technology and business. Christina's presentation covered soundbites - what they are, reasons to use them, and how to create effective ones. Categorizing them into a dozen basic typologies, and giving examples from Balestra projects and international leaders, she taught attendees how well-crafted soundbites can carry compressed arguments in memorable ways.

The day prior to her keynote presentation, Christina also participated in a panel with the Washington Post, Dig Deeper Media and Kleine Zeitung.

The discussion centered on how technological advancements are changing our media landscape—due to changing consumer behavior and new possibilities in storytelling and creation—and the relationship of politics and the media.

Darwin Pham