National Hispanic Media Coalition:
supporting affordable communications access

The National Hispanic Media Coalition was cited by dozens of the country’s most widely read news outlets for its policy work, including USA Today, The Atlantic and the Los Angeles Times, ensuring that millions of people across the nation understand the necessity of universal, open, and affordable access to communications. 

NHMC brought the needs of the Latino community to the forefront of influential technology outlets, including Vice's Motherboard, Engadget, Broadcasting & Cable, Seeking Alpha and Android Guys. Wrote Nicolas Deleon at Motherboard: “In Nogales’ view, making set-top boxes more affordable would not only lead to the proliferation of Latino-oriented television programming, but would in turn lead to a greater understanding of Latino culture among non-Latinos.”

During a California Public Utilities Commission hearing on the proposed Charter merger with Time Warner Cable, president and CEO Alex Nogales offered testimony and spoke to the Los Angeles Times

CBS Philadelphia interviewed NHMC vice president of policy Michael Scurato who put cable box reform simply: “The cable box is kind of an outlier as one of the last thing in our house that we don’t have a meaningful opportunity to purchase, and there’s really no reason it should be that way.” 


Speaking to the Latin Post, Mr. Nogales confirmed: "At the heart of each item considered by the FCC today is a simple proposition: pay-TV companies must be responsive to their customers, particularly those who have been historically underserved. Consumers typically want choice, innovation, lower prices, and content that meets their needs."