#StandWithCongo Screening Documentary on congo conflict with producer and Actress Robin Wright

#StandWithCongo—a Stier Forward human rights campaign with support from the Rockefeller Foundation—screened the documentary WHEN ELEPHANTS FIGHT at Tribeca and members of the campaign team visited newsrooms and studios across New York City to talk more about the film and the connection between secretive mining deals and conflict in the Congo.


WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show invited Robin Wright, JD Stier and by Tom Perriello, US Special Envoy to the African Great Lakes Region, to discuss #StandWithCongo’s activism to bring peace to the region. Robin Wright shared a  Congolese saying with host Brian Lehrer: “If you’re coming to help - go home. But if you’re coming to be connected to the cause and be part and parcel with us, in a movement - welcome.”

The Guardian opened the conversation to their entire staff and filmed a video with Robin Wright and JD Stier on the need for transparency in mining deals. “Growing public awareness,” wrote editor Ed Pilkington in an online piece that accompanied the video, “has nudged some of the big tech companies” to invest in conflict-free mines.


Mic hosted the #StandWithCongo team at their offices, with nearly 40,000 viewers of the interview on Facebook Live, to talk to Robin Wright, JD Stier and Congolese activist Omékongo Dibinga about the film, the app and getting involved in the campaign. The host described the film as “brilliant” and a “very, very moving film”, and was “struck by how personal the issue was to [Robin].” 

In a Huffington Post interview livestreamed on Facebook, generating nearly 30,000 views and over 500 shares, the host talked more to Robin Wright and JD Stier about WHEN ELEPHANTS FIGHT and how the #StandWithCongo campaign is “putting pressure on the electronics company but it’s also making consumers be aware.” 


TIME published a piece that centered on how the #StandWIthCongo campaign is touring 50 universities across the country to screen WHEN ELEPHANTS FIGHT, as an effort to educate the public on how minerals mined in the Congo are tied to the violence in the region.